Coughing with a capital “C”

Imagine that you have been sick for over 4 weeks. I’ll bet you want more than anything to be over and done with more than anyone else. But, there are some who sees it as a crime worthy of capital punishment call “total belittlement”.

The question: How would you feel?

The Situation: (Please note that the name, position and places has been changed*)

I have been sick for 2 weeks already. The pr manager* is about to go off on her business trip to Thailand*.

Let’s call her 賴叭咋*.  The last thing she says before leaving for her trip was “Don’t get me sick I’m going for my trip soon.” I thought well at least that was that. But low and behold. The first thing she  says when she comes back from her trip was. “WHAT, you’re still sick? You’ve been sick for quite some time! Don’t get me sick.” Okay, I thought to myself this isn’t going to get to me. But the same day after lunch. She has a small cough. Then she goes “You got me sick. I’m going to blame it on you. What are you going to do about it?” Then for some reason she expected some kind of response for that comment? I think not! Then she continues “Jenny, well?” What did she expect from me? To say something nice or to apologize?


The fact was this is not something I control.

Secondly, the fact that she got sick was simply because she had a weak immune system that is contributed by poor health.

Thirdly, I am in the same bedroom with my significant other for an even longer duration of time yet he’s not sick. The mere fact that she got sick within a few hours just and with indirect contact (ie. no direct conversation, she’s in another room, no touch and no hugging) just proves how unhealthy she was.

Fourthly, I don’t know whether one of my colleagues Sophie* knew or not that I wasn’t fully recovered yet ate food from my plate and yet did not fall sick just goes to show that I wasn’t that contagious.

Fifthly, I talked with my auntie face to face for several hours over a course of several days yet she did not get sick. Just to validate that I am not a contagious as my bark is.

Furthermore, out of the six people sharing the same room 3 did not get sick goes to show it wasn’t just my theory.

Not mention, most times after I get sick the after affect that causes me to continue coughing is no more than an allergic reaction which by no means is contagious in the sense I passed them the germ more likely is their subconscious like vomit causes others around them to copy.

So what do you think? Would you not get pissed? Not to mention, people ask why don’t you take sick leave?

Let me ask them, will I be compensated if I am sick for over 4 weeks? Why should I take an unpaid leave? They aren’t the only ones with bills to pay mouths to feed! I feel good enough to work. If just for the reason that you don’t want to get sick then take good care of your body or avoid me but saying hurtful things is just uncouth.


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