Cantonese: Why I love you, let me count the ways….

I am a Canadian Born Cantonese. My parents talks to me in Cantonese and made me learn the language. But that wasn’t when I started loving the language.

I started loving the language as an adult. I loved the language when I started paying attention to other languages like Japanese, Korean, Mandarin….

I found how expressive the Cantonese language was. In its one sentence of lyric it brought out the full range of emotion that one cannot find.

It is the one of the most closest language to ancient Chinese and its poetry. It still embodies traditional characters and grammars, something Mandarin has thrown out by the wayside.

Cantonese is witty and sarcastic. Funny and vulgar yet still classy. How to shout vulgarity at someone without them catching on until they had a serious time to think and react with a punch. Well by then you are already long gone.

Cantonese is music and Traditional Chinese character is art. They go together and yet they are being destroyed together by those barbarians.

They want to create a dull world with monotonous Mandarin and stick figure simplified chinese.


Its such a shame.


I will keep trudging this hard path of keeping it alive.

Please join me.



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