LASIK: The final frontier… to boldly go where no man has gone before

Okay, my vanity is reaching a new high. I have finally given in to getting LASIK. Not that the fear factor didn’t take place. Infact, it was because I was scared that there may be complications that it has taken be this long to finally get off my high horses and go see a consultant.

My first consultation was back in August. I had to do a series of testing (eg. dry eyes-Shirmers test, pressure, refractions… etc) the list goes on. It was quite expensive. The first initial consultation was $219. I admit, quite steep, but that’s also because I booked myself the senior consultant, Professor Donald Tan, Laser Vision Centre at the Singapore National Eye Centre. I did my homework, according some website that I now don’t know where the link is, but if you googled it is there; He is ranked second among all the top LASIK surgeons in Singapore.He was very calm and reassuring. He wasn’t forceful. Infact, I wasn’t pressurised to make a decision then.

A little background story, I am not in the pinkest of health. I have linear morphea or linear scleroderma.

Definition: Linear scleroderma is a type of localised scleroderma[3] which is an auto-immune disorder characterized by a line of thickened skin which can affect the bones and muscles underneath it. It most often occurs in the arms, legs, or forehead, and may occur in more than one area. It is also most likely to be on just one side of the body. Linear scleroderma generally first appears in young children

And thus, I should make a decision after consulting with a specialist.

So after which, I booked myself to meet both a rheumatologist and dermatologist. Both thought I was infact quite well and stable. Should I wish to do it, they didn’t think that it would really affect me, but otherwise, saw no need for me to do it either.

Now back to present, I went to my second consultation, we did a few more test, racked up another $130 dollars in consultation fee, and now I have finally booked myself in for surgery.

It will be a month before my schedule surgery but excited and scared all at once. I will be going for the LASIK bladeless, visuMax, Wavelight EX500: WFO. It is going to cost me another $3300 + GST. But fortunately, they appear to have a installment plan from the major local credit card company except HSBC.

They have told me I am not to wear contact 3 days before surgery and I should not be involved with any impact sports within the next 3 months post operation.

The doctor also told me that the cold weather would also cause fogginess. Therefore, I am going to do it when I come back from my trip in Vancouver.

So, January…. birthday present to myself. I hope everything turns out fine.


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