LASIK : one week post surgery

Just to update you on my LASIK. I waited one week after my surgery to update because I wanted to be certain that the information I am providing is accurate.

So, lets review.

The Surgery

On XX January 2015 (date has been changed as not to let my real identity to be exposed), I went into the National Eye Care Centre at the Laser Vision Clinic. They took the money upfront before the operation. Just to let you know they give you the option of monthly installment for one year with certain credit cards.

Because mine was a senior consultant (I am not paid to write this, so, I can post the price if I wanted to) it costed $3,300 before tax.

After which, I was asked to go into another private lounge. There were three other ladies that was doing the operation that day as well.

So, when my turn came around, I was ushered through another set of doors. In this room the nurses gave me some eye drops (I think its to numb the nerves in my eyes). Then, she put on a bath hat for me, taped up my head. I then dawned on a protective disposable garment and shoe covers.

Finally, the nurse ushered me through another set of doors. In the room sat my doctor (Prof Donald Tan) and his proteges. There were two lasers in the room. I was asked to lie down on the first laser (the one to cut the flap in your eyes). He then put the tape on my upper and lower eye lids then the eye clip. I was to stare directly at the green light in the laser. The green light came closer and closer to my eyes, I felt a small pinch then my vision started to turn as white as light and the green light started to fade away. The laser probably lasted 15 secs. This happened for both the eyes.

Next I was removed from the first table and asked to walk over to the second laser. I lied on the table once more. Same thing with the eyes, he taped up my lids and put the clips in my eyes. Next he flipped open my eye lids, scabbed it and put it under the laser. Again I was asked to look at the light. Another 15 secs, he flipped back down the lid.

The other eye took a bit longer to flip up, I suspect it was his protege who was doing that eye.

The operation all but over, he asked me to get up and then they ushered me out of the room to do a final check of my eye through their lens machine. I was given one more drop and out the door.
20 Minutes post-surgery

My eyes began to tear up and got severely heavy. I couldn’t lift my lid to see where I was going. I must stress you should always always have someone waiting with you at the clinic. I was stupid enough to think that I would just get someone to pick me up after the surgery. Wrong, the person couldn’t find me and now I couldn’t see where they are and find them.

So, anyways, we manage to locate each other but by then I couldn’t open my eyes at all.

Remember: bring lots of tissue.

1 – 8 hours post-surgery

I got home and what ensured was 8 hours of hell that followed. I kept tearing, I couldn’t open my eyes to do the drops as recommended. I needed assistance and I slept. I could not look at any light of any degree at all. It was painful to have lights.

8+ hours later

But after the 8 hours, I was able to open my eyes slightly. Light was difficult to take in still but manageable.

My eyes got better, less teary.

1 week later

My eyes healed fine. I can see without my glasses. Still feel a bit of pain in one of my eyes but besides that no other major symptoms.

I would say so far so good.

Will update again 1 month later.


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