The Brother Zone

Some people think that being put in the brother zone means the girls don’t like them.

However, that is probably very wrong. If a girl was to put you into the “brother” zone, they probably like you a lot.

Girl’s don’t keep guys around if they don’t like them. Trust me, were not that nice and we don’t have that much free time.

Take me for example, I love my guy friends. One of them, I keep him in the “Brother” Zone.

He’s super cool, funny, nice and not too bad looking. He was my first real crush.

When I finally got the courage to befriend him and got to know him, I knew I had to keep him.

I didn’t want to lose him and life is really too long.

If I did actually told him I liked him, I thought, I might lose him.

So, I decided that we should stay friends.

Life moved on and I got older.

I understood myself better and knew that the ideal of a romance does not necessarily translates to living.

We all have quirks and those things might not be mutually compatible.

As much as I might like the guy or perhaps him liking me, he may not like my quirks.

Why ruin a perfect great friendship? For what, a moment of romance that might not bloom and come to fruition?

We may never make it, and then he would be out of my life, forever.

Why not just be my brother, then we can be together forever in a Platonic Relationship.


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