Episode 1: New Beginning

Hi Everyone, just a quick update.

I have currently been living in Singapore for the past five years. My husband is Singaporean and I am a Canadian with a Singaporean PR.

I think I am quite localize by now, since I have a DBSS (Design, Build, Sell, Scheme) housing from HDB, joined an RC (Resident Committee), can understand and speak Singlish with rather great fluency already (still working on my Hokkien and Malayu) and have a lot of Singaporean neighbours and friends now. I also don’t get rallied up or compare Singapore to my hometown much these days. Although, I am still bugged about the entitlement mentality and the lack of maturity on social media with some individuals.

That being said, this is my revamp. Episode 1. Meaning to say, I would like to start on a new blogging update.

I want to document my journey navigating the Singapore health care system (which doctor am I seeing),  being a pregnant PR (progression), things about new motherhood (like what to buy, what to make, etc) and raising a child that will undoubted face dual identity.

So, lets bring everyone up to speed on where I am at.

I am 19 weeks pregnant. I have been going to NUH subsidized clinic since week 12 (need referral from a polyclinic). The thing about the subsidized clinic is your doctor will be different each week. We had done the OSCAR test the same week because I was really late in going to see the doctor. The OSCAR tests to done between 11-13 weeks to see if your unborn fetus has any chromosomal defects (eg Down Syndromes etc). My results came back that it was 1:1,000,000 chance. Which is quite good if you fall in the range 1:10,000. The cost of the OSCAR test was $300. If my memory serves me right the OSCAR tests as a 93% accuracy. They did ask if we wanted the more expensive non-invasive prenatal test which boast a 99% accuracy but it would set us back an additional $400. So, we opted to go with the OSCAR test. So, with the OSCAR test, they took several vials of blood and an ultra sound to measure the fetus’ head to rump.

Ultrasound, OSCAR Test, fetus, baby, scan
The technician is doing the measuring of the fetus from head to rump

So, at week 15 we went for our second check-up. This was in early March. All they did was listen to the heart beat. We didn’t get to see the baby at all. 😦

So, next week (Week 20) we will be finally going to see our new gynae, Prof Su Lin Lin, at the Women’s Clinic in NUH. Will update you again on my thoughts.




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