Episode 3: Annoyed

It hasn’t been 24 hours and I am blogging again.

Recall from episode 2 I was having a melt down because I discovered the gender of my child.

Well, I wanted to vent, I did post anonymously on a Facebook group to other mothers or mother’s to be and to some of my neighbours whom I met up with at our monthly meeting.

Those who had nothing but words of you will love your child, I was okay with. But I just couldn’t take it when someone who tells me, just think about those people who couldn’t conceive, how blessed I was, or just hope your child is healthy.

I just wanted to scream, I want to vent, I want to be about me. I am the one upset here, I need space, I don’t want to be compared with other people. I just wanted to say “Hey focus!” I know I am selfish, but please give me my moment. Other people will have their moments and all they want to hear is support not be compared with someone else. It’s no wonder people get depressed, because those who think they are helping are say other, other, others or themselves, themselves, themselves.

Hey, I know it’s great we are so compassionate about those less fortunate, but that is the reason why the majority feels isolated and alone because we can’t talk about it without appearing selfish.It wouldn’t surprise me there are so many depressed people just hidden away afraid to voice out because we self censure and others censure us.

I say stop it. People are entitle to have their feelings acknowledge and that it shouldn’t be shameful and it shouldn’t be considered selfish and everyone deserve a space where they can feel comfortable to say it out without feeling bad about it or have people scrutinizing and beleaguering for venting it out.

Stop making it about you. I am upset, give me my airtime.


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